Starting from version 7.0.1 we introduced the version tracking. To verify the version that you have installed in your system just generate a demo report and verify the properties of the generated XLSX file. In field description you should find the current version. You can also check the attribute VERSION in the class ZCL_EXCEL.

This is by a well know problem with SAPLink, Import nugget twice.

Implement SAP OSS Notes:

Note 1151257 - Converting document content

Note 1151258 - Error when sending Excel attachments

Implement SAP OSS Notes:

Note 1385713 - SUBMIT: Allowing parameter of type STRING

Run report ZDEMO_EXCEL25.

You can upload Excel’s default font Calibri from the regular .TTF font files using transaction SM73. Make sure to upload all four files (standard, bold, italic, bold and italic) and to use the description “Calibri”, i.e. exactly the name Excel displays for the font.